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For your next company or your next generation, we'll help you protect, grow and create more than just capital.


Safekeep, manage and optimize your holdings with the highest standards of regulation and service.

Private Banking & Custody
Corporate Treasury


Fuel your vision with investment strategies, creative financing and global reach.

Asset Management & Investment Advisory
Merchant Banking & Private Capital
Strategic Growth Advisory


Develop extraordinary opportunities to improve the state of Humankind.

Proprietary Strategies Incubator

SPH | Protect

Safekeep, manage and optimize your holdings with the most trusted standards of regulation and service.

Private Banking & Custody

Our global custody services include the safekeeping and administration of securities and other assets as well as the professional management of worldwide transactions.


Whether you want to optimise your cash flow, improve your investment returns, or invest in derivative financial instruments that require a security margin – SPH offers a wide range of customised lending solutions to meet your individual financing and investing requirements.


Securities trading services of equities, bonds, currencies, investment funds, derivatives, structured products, alternatives, initial public offerings (IPO) and secondary placements

Corporate Treasury

A company always needs to have enough liquidity for its business operations. At the same time, actively managing liquid funds that are not currently being used can help create additional income opportunities and attractive yields. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide you with personalized advisory services and solutions that are tailored to your needs

SPH | Grow

Align with us to develop and reach short and long term business and investment growth strategies.

Asset Management & Investment Advisory

Our asset management teams provide clients with bespoke portfolio construction services as well as discretionary portfolio management, providing clients with access to SPH global access and performance track record.

Merchant Banking & Private Capital

We develop capital solutions and opportunities to fuel growth for companies, and provide M&A advice and transaction services.

Strategic Growth Advisory

We align with businesses we believe in and join forces to fuel growth - We work with companies to develop growth strategies through business development and global expansion, tapping SPH’s international network, sector expertise, operating expertise and strategy development expertise.

SPH | Create

Join a collective of mission-aligned business, cultural and technology leaders to develop extraordinary opportunities and enhance the state of Humankind.

Special Projects Incubator

This is where we cook up ideas and create new strategies that have the potential to advance our world.

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